2 Platen Injection Molding Machine vs 3 Platen

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In today's market, 2 platen injection molding machines have emerged as a popular choice, particularly for manufacturing large auto parts, industrial containers, and other products requiring a substantial mold open stroke. This article will explore the two platen and three platen machine differences, benefits, and applications.



What is 2 Platen Injection Molding Machine?

Two platen machines primarily use the direct pressure mold clamp system. This system employs four sets of direct-pressure clamping cylinders to generate the clamp force and ensure that the mold remains closed securely.

2 Platen injection molding machine

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2 Platen Machine Design

Two platen injection molding machine is composed of a fixed platen, a movable platen, four sets of tie bars, two sets of mold opening and closing cylinders, and four sets of direct pressure clamping cylinders. 

2 platen machine design


2 Platen Machine Operating Process

The injection molding process of a two platen machine involves the clamping unit closing, injecting the molten material into the mold, cooling, and then opening the mold to eject the finished product.


Benefits and Challenges of 2 Platen Machine 

This design offers several benefits, including 

  • Spatial Efficiency: Due to their compact design, two platen machines require less floor space compared to traditional 3 platen machines, making them ideal for manufacturing environments with limited space.
  • High Stability, Precision, and Maintenance: The stationary platen provides increased stability during the injection process, resulting in higher precision and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Large Mold Capacity and Enhanced Accessibility: two platen machines can accommodate larger molds, allowing for the production of larger parts. Additionally, their design provides enhanced accessibility for mold changes and maintenance.

Despite their numerous benefits, two platen machines may face challenges related to higher initial costs and complex mold designs.


2 Platen Machine Applications

The application of two platen injection molding machines is vast and varied, spanning across industries such as automotive, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing. Their ability to mold medium to large-sized plastic parts with precision and efficiency makes them an indispensable tool in modern manufacturing processes.

  • Automotive Industry: These machines are used to produce critical components such as bumpers, instrument panels, and air-conditioner compressor housings.
  • Consumer Goods: They are commonly used to manufacture large plastic parts for household appliances, furniture, and industrial containers.
  • Industrial Applications: They are often used to produce pallets weighing over 3000 tons, showcasing their capability to handle heavy-duty molding requirements.
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What is 3 Platen Injection Molding Machine?

Three platen injection molding machines use a toggle link system to generate the clamping force. About the toggle link, the machines can be further divided into inward toggle and outward toggle types which make machine length and mold opening stroke could be different.

inward and outward toggle

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3 Platen Machine Design

Three platen molding machine is composed of a fixed platen, a movable platen, a die height platen, an I-shaped plate, four sets of tie bars, a set of toggle linkage mechanisms, a set of clamping cylinders, and a set of mold-adjusting gear.

3 platen machine design


3 Platen Machine Operating Process

The operating process of a 3 platen machine is similar to that of a two platen machine but with an additional platen for increased stability and precision.


Benefits and Challenges of 3 Platen Machine 

The toggle design allows for faster mold opening and closing speeds, resulting in reduced cycle times and increased productivity. Compared to two platen machines due to their more complex design, 3 platen machines may have higher maintenance requirements and costs.


3 Platen Machine Applications

Three platen injection machines are commonly used in the production of precision parts and components in industries such as electronics, medical devices, and aerospace.



Comparison of 2 Platen and 3 Platen Injection Molding Machines

When comparing two platen and three platen injection molding machines, several factors come into play, including cost, floor space requirements, cycle times, and maintenance needs. While two platen machines offer spatial efficiency and high stability, 3 platen machines provide reduced cycle times and easy mold handling. The choice between these two types of machines ultimately depends on the specific requirements of your manufacturing process.

Aspect (medium and large size) Two-Platen Machines Three-Platen Machines
Clamping Method Direct Clamping Toggle Clamping
Number of Platens 2 3
Mold Capacity Large Small
Mold Adjustment Fast Slow
Cycle Time (for the same machine ton) Long Short
Space Efficiency High Low
Maintainability Good Fair
Applications Medium to large parts, high-precision parts Small or thin parts, high-volume parts
Mold Installation and Removal Usually quicker and simpler and available option with retractable tie-bar function Can be more involved due to the additional platen and toggle mechanism
Cost (for the same machine ton) Typically higher initial cost Typically lower initial cost, but can vary based on specific features and manufacturer
Floor Space Requirements Less More

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Conclusion of 2 Platen and 3 Platen Machine

Both two platen and three platen molding machines have their own unique advantages and challenges. Understanding the differences between these machines can help you make an informed decision when choosing the right injection machine for your manufacturing needs.


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