IML - in molding labeling
Turn-key solution with our paten. Our company is the first company in the industry to use this system

Optimized performance with superior efficiency.

Integrated designs with advanced accuracy and stability in shorter cycle.

Advanced technology.

16 liter pail application achieved.

Integration of molding machine and complete labeling automation.

Integrated machine and tool designs reinforced mechanism structure, and optimized labeling precision.

Side-entry servo robotic

Patented “2-axis shifting IML automation” introduced for large parts molding.

Private IML tool designs.

Customized molds and tooling system, along with patented “deep pail de-molding structure”.

Label transfer mechanism.

Accurate transfer from lifting to placing.

Patented rotary label feeding.

Automatic feeding rotary ensured label supply.

Patents in IML.

Label bedding device, #M346579.
Deep pail de-molding structure, #M284529.
Label feeding mechanism, #M351844.
Large part application, #M293838.
2-axis shifting automation, #M352509.