Inward Toggle Clamping

ー Cost-effective, Stable & Durable

Years of experience with advanced designs for professional applications.

Tie Bar insisting Taiwan Manufacturing is made from SCM440 non-rigid absorption design, reducing mold distortion to strengthen its stability.

Interactive Outward Toggle

ー Compact Structure with Faster Clamping and Bigger Opening

Shifted clamping cylinder reduced 18% machine length.

40% shortened clamping cylinder.

Enlarged 20% of opening stroke.

2-platen clamping system

ー Minimized machine length with maximized opening stroke

20% ~ 30% less from machine length, compared with toggle design.

Built-in design with ejection cylinder to minimized machine length effectively.

Fully automatic mold-close adjustment.

Less time needed from mold change. Paten #I279312, Intellectual Property Office, MOEA, Taiwan.

Available option for additional stroke from opening and Retractable Tie-bar function.

Patented rotary table system

ー Table Dedicated design patent for accurate positioning and lean-free

Triple safety from mechanism, electric and hydraulic for rotation accuracy and never fall.