Single Injection

ー Professional design team makes the injection barrel according to plastic material

The production demand for plastic finished products is a single plastic material.

Multi injection

ー Diverse injection mode to suit your various product needs

When the production requirement for finished plastic products is two or more plastic materials.

The multi-injection unit can be customized according to the particular design of the mold. Examples of multi-injection types are as follows:

Double Injection

Parallel Double Injection

Front Injection + Side Injection

Front Injection + Vertical Injection

Mixed Injection + Side Injection

Mixed Injection + Vertical Injection

Tri Injection

Parallel Tri Injection

Parallel Double Injection + Side Injection

Parallel Double Injection + Vertical Injection

Front Injection + Vertical Injection + Side Injection

Opposite injection

ー Customized injection modes can meet your various product needs