YV Series
Wire / Plug Machine

  • Vertical clamping / vertical injection, suitable for general electrical plugs, electronic components and other small insert molding.
  • Two or three stage temperature control / injection speed / non-stage adjustment of back pressure, etc., more suitable for parts molding of precision plastic.
  • Quick mold locking / low pressure low speed to mold lock, a special safety design to protect the mold.
  • Lower mold fixing/upper mold movable; with fine positioning for molding piece in mold. The device is equipped with hydraulic ejector for easy removal of the product.
  • Electric-control fittings / hydraulic fittings using domestic brands in precision, durability and low noise. The Clamping force is 15-25TON with PLC programming electric-control computer in single-comparison- pressure control or computer in full ratio (compare voltage; compare current); there are three options available to customers.
  • A single sliding mold 1S and two sliding mold 2S can be added, enabling the operation to be more efficient and safer in production.