The Role of Injection Machines in Electrical Instruments Equipment Production: A Success Story

2022-05-17 12:07:30

In our daily lives, we often overlook the importance of electrical instruments, equipment, and accessories, such as mobile phone accessories, lighting bulbs, sockets, and extension cords. These seemingly ordinary items play a crucial role in our daily lives, and their quality is key to their performance. Behind the scenes, the injection molding machine plays a vital role in creating these high-quality products. Share below the success story of the leading Algerian electrical instruments, equipment, and accessories manufacturer at Huarong.



A Injection Molding Partnership for Success in Algeria

A large-scale electrical equipment manufacturer in Algeria, which has been engaged in the manufacture of electrical instruments and accessories since 2001, and in 20 years, the company has become a market leader in the local market. it continues to plan to revitalize production potential, expand production lines, and manufacture good-quality sockets, switches, extension cords, and light bulbs.

The company's journey towardinstruments success was bolstered by its partnership with Huarong, a leading provider of injection molding machines. Initially, the Algerian customer's interaction with Huarong was incidental, starting from a visit to a plastic company in Tainan, Taiwan. However, the exceptional service and quality showcased by Huarong left a lasting impression on the customer. Since the initial purchase in 2014, the customer's factory now boasts over 50 Huarong injection machines. The HRN series, known for its simple yet durable design, has proven to be a cost-effective and reliable solution for the customer. The machines' precision, fast response, and stability have significantly increased the customer's production capacity, solidifying their position as a market leader.

More than 50 Huarong injection molding machines in the customer's factory



How was this partnership established?

Our first interaction with the Algerian customer occurred during events organized by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council). Initially, the customer contacted Huarong not to purchase injection molding machines, but to visit a plastic company in Tainan due to geographical proximity. Although the visit was not for immediate business transactions, it laid the foundation for a meaningful connection between both parties.

Two years later, at the TaipeiPlas exhibition, the customers visited our booth with an interest in purchasing injection machines. Despite having already negotiated with another manufacturer and being prepared to finalize their purchase, they visited our booth out of courtesy. Demonstrating our commitment to high-quality service, we enthusiastically introduced our horizontal injection molding machines to them. Impressed by our sincerity and dedication, the customers reached out to us a few days later to place an order for eight horizontal injection molding machines from the HRN series. This initial purchase eventually led to a total order of 24 units. Over the course of seven to eight years, our partnership has flourished, with over 50 Huarong injection molding machines now operational in the customer's factory. We look forward to continuing this successful collaboration in the future.



Why choose to purchase injection molding machines with Huarong?

Before collaborating with Huarong, the customer primarily used European-brand injection molding machines. However, they found that the maintenance costs were high, and the complex design was not conducive to long-term local operation due to factors such as the local education level and economy. In contrast, Huarong's HRN series stood out for its simple yet robust design, offering stability and durability. Despite its simplicity, this model proved to be versatile and relatively easy to operate.

In addition to addressing operational concerns, the HRN series features a clamping structure and patented detachable shield that facilitates easy maintenance, thereby reducing machine maintenance costs and extending machine life. Since beginning their collaboration in 2014, the customer has experienced highly stable production with Huarong's machines. This stability has allowed the customer's company to grow significantly over the years. The technical director expressed deep appreciation for the partnership with Huarong, noting that their machines deliver high precision, fast response times, and overall excellent performance. This has enabled their production lines to operate smoothly and efficiently, leading to a substantial increase in production capacity and establishing them as a leading manufacturer in the market. This aligns perfectly with Huarong's philosophy of "Quality-Innovation & Industry-Alliance."

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Best Injection molding Machine Partner - Huarong

This success story exemplifies the impact of high-quality injection molding machines, such as those from Huarong, on the production of electrical instruments, equipment, and accessories. By choosing the right machinery, manufacturers can enhance their production capabilities, reduce maintenance costs, and achieve greater market success. Huarong is an experienced injection molding machine manufacturer that offers high-quality machines at a competitive price. We're committed to being your injection molding partner to meet your injection molding needs. If there is a need for injection machines or automation, please feel free to contact Huarong.



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