Success Stories: How Elevate South African Manufacturer's Manufacturing Capabilities with Two-platen

2024-04-09 16:35:19

In today's competitive manufacturing landscape, staying ahead requires embracing cutting-edge technologies. In Krugersdorp, one of our South African customer's recent acquisition of five state-of-the-art two-platen injection machines has transformed our production capabilities and propelled us to the forefront of the industry.


Expertise in Tooling Making, and Emerge as a Key Player in the Automotive Plastic Injection Moulding Sector

This South African manufacturer, founded in 2017, specializes in providing comprehensive services, encompassing production, mold design, mold making, production, assembly, painting, packaging, and delivery. They’re a premier supplier of aftermarket automotive components and an integral part of the supply chain for various OEMs, contributing to the growth of the automotive industry. 

With a robust infrastructure boasting over 300 injection molds and 16 cutting-edge plastic injection molding machines, the South African Manufacturer has the capacity to manufacture a diverse range of injection-molded components, including automotive bumpers, grilles, and various other plastic car parts.

Key Player in the Automotive Plastic Injection Moulding Sector



A Significant Stride Towards Innovation and Efficiency

The partnership between Huarong and South African manufacturer represents more than just a technological advancement; it signifies a strategic step toward expanding manufacturing capabilities. As South African customer continues to innovate in the automotive plastic injection molding sector, the integration of Huarong's state-of-the-art machinery promises to drive them to greater success, reinforcing their dedication to excellence in this dynamic industry landscape.



The Perfect Partner for South African Manufacturer's Growth

"The collaboration between Huarong and us signifies not just a technological upgrade but a strategic move towards enhancing manufacturing capabilities."- A South African customer said.

The decision to invest in two platen injection molding machines has proven to be a game-changer for the customer. Not only has Huarong enhanced our machine manufacturing capabilities, but we have also solidified our reputation as a reliable and innovative partner in the injection molding industry. As Huarong continues to grow and optimize our injection molding machines, we are confident that our partnership with two-platen machines will continue to drive our success.

South African Manufacturer



A Pioneering Solution: Five State-of-the-art Injection Machines with QMC and Automation

Huarong recognized that the customer needed more than just machines. They required a customized solution for their injection molding operation. With 300 injection molds needed to produce a wide variety of products, the customer required a way that could efficiently manufacture these different high-quality products in large quantities.

With Huarong’s pioneering solution, a key milestone in the customer’s journey was the installation of five state-of-the-art two-platen injection machines equipped with a robotic arm, conveyor, and quick mold change (QMC) for automation.

  • The robotic arm and conveyor on the machine streamline the operation to automate their production process to make the customer achieve higher levels of efficiency and product consistency.
  • The QMC technology enables the customer to minimize downtime and change the mold quickly to maximize productivity.
A Pioneering Solution on Injection Molding



Advanced Two-Platen Machine Technology: Optimizing Capacity and Efficiency

The advanced technology of the two-platen machines has been instrumental in optimizing the customer's production capacity and efficiency. The machines' ability to handle large molds and complex parts with precision has enabled us to expand our product range and cater to a broader customer base, driving our growth and success.

  1. Longer Mold Opening Stroke
  2. Smaller Footprint than Toggle Machine 20%-30%
  3. Higher Flexibility in Mold Sizes and Configurations for Wider Range of Large Injection Molding Applications

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Innovation in Large Part Molding: Huarong's Two-Platen Machine Design

  1. The Suspended Tie-bar Bearing Module supports the tie-bar, reducing energy loss due to friction and effectively improving its natural sagging.
  2. The Patented Inner Supporting Sliding Module and the Patented Moving Platen Positioning Device allow sliding components to be quickly assembled for precise positioning.
  3. Customers are regularly alerted during the production cycle, prompting them to use an inspection jig and gauge to check the height of the moving platen center to prevent abnormal coaxiality of the two platens.
  4. The Optional Patented Tie-bar Disassembles Function can help overcome the inconvenience of installing and removing molds in factories with restricted heights. The detached tie-bar is located on the machine's operation side, making it easier for operators to work.

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Car Storage Box Accessories, SUBWAY Lunch Boxes, Car Interior Pedals, and Car Fenders Production

“This installation, completed in December 2023, marks a pivotal moment for us, a prominent player in auto parts and mold manufacturing,” – A south African customer said.

Upon machine delivery to the plant, Huarong's engineers travel to the customer's site to oversee the installation process. This ensures the machine is set up correctly to produce various products, including car storage box accessories, SUBWAY lunch boxes, car interior pedals, and car fenders, all with an automated system for efficient operation. The production video is below.



Setting New Standards: Huarong's Two-Platen Injection Machines

As we continue to innovate and grow, our partnership with two-platen injection machines remains at the core of our success. We are confident that with these cutting-edge machines by our side. As the leading plastic injection molding machine manufacturer, Huarong will continue to elevate the standards of the machines. If you have any further questions or machine needs, please don't hesitate to contact Huarong.



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