Huarong Factory Management Platform

2018-11-19 09:00:00

Huarong Group, which is well-known in the injection molding machine market in Taiwan and abroad, has launched the injection factory management platform (HFM) and further provides automated production planning for the entire plant to help customers increase production capacity and production efficiency and further enhance competitiveness. Create a win-win opportunity for Huarong Group and its customers with the concept of industrial alliance as its sales purpose.

Huarong Group has long focused on helping clients think about how to increase production efficiency, yield, and operating performance. In order to achieve this goal, in addition to continuous research and development of various injection molding machines, it also actively enters the field of smart machinery. In addition to providing additional points for customers’ upgrades, this year, the three-element management of injection molding competition and information on molds and injection machines have been proposed for customers to refer to, so as to achieve co-creation of value by facing market challenges together.

Xiao Dongbin, chairman of Huarong Group, said that in addition to the basic design criteria for the mold including hot runners, valve gate, in-mold hot cutting technology, mold sensors, mold vacuuming, special-shaped waterways, Nitrogen assisted injection molding and other key points.

The hot runner system heats the runner and gate part of the injection molding mold, so that the molten plastic can smoothly pass through the mold from the nozzle of the injection machine at a stable temperature and balanced pressure. At the gate, the hot runner system can be regarded as an extension of the nozzle of the injection machine to send the molten plastic directly to each gate.

Compared with the general traditional hot runner, the valve gate structure of the hot runner system is a more important use of molding technology, which can make the molding be completed in a similar way to a relay race, which is useful for reducing molding pressure, reducing product residual stress and eliminating stitching.

In-mold eagerness is to cut or squeeze the gate before the plastic mold is opened, so that after the plastic mold is opened, the injection molding automation process of separating the parts from the material is realized. In short, the in-mold eagerness is the material head of the plastic part. Automatic separation technology from product.

In the injection molding process, it is usually necessary to switch from the injection stage to the holding pressure stage. The traditional switching method uses the screw position switching, and the in-mold pressure sensing is the holding pressure switching through the cavity pressure, which can ensure that even if the production process fluctuates uniform filling process. The use of cavity pressure switching can reduce the influence of melt viscosity and measurement accuracy fluctuations on the holding pressure switching. Not only can the holding pressure switching be performed by setting the specific cavity pressure value, but also the automatic holding pressure switching can be realized through the intelligent system, and the mold can be reduced Risk of damage and increase mold life.

In order to eliminate the interference of gas on the injection part during injection molding, the injection mold vacuum system is used to extract the gas from the cavity after the mold is closed, so as to complete the injection action in the cavity without resistance, which can reduce the injection resistance and reduce Mold repair and extend mold life.

The injection cooling system is one of the mold design projects, which affects the demolding time, product quality, product appearance, etc. The purpose of the water circuit design is to cool the product uniformly and eject it in a short time. The traditional mold cooling requires a long time for heat dissipation. The special-shaped water circuit is a unique manufacturing technology used in the mold industry. Due to the advent of mold flow analysis software, Designers can analyze the heat dissipation of molds and waterways through software, shorten manufacturing time and improve manufacturing quality.

Nitrogen-assisted injection molding is to pour nitrogen into the mold cavity to drive the plastic to fill the mold cavity, which can reduce the pressure and time of injection. Thick-walled parts can reduce the material used by 40%, shorten the injection time by 50%, and reduce the injection time by 70%. Extend the life of the mold and make the design more free.

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