Taiwan's Times TV, CTI - Discover new Taiwan special report – HUARONG

2018-10-24 09:00:00

Huarong is a professional injection molding factory. From what customers need to make, 

whether it is two-injection, three-injection or multi-injection, as long as there are materials that can plasticize the environment, Huarong has always stood on the customer's position, 

as long as it is our core of our customers pursuing, and Huarong has turned them into realization of his needs. This is also the condition that Huarong has been operating. 


Three main points of this exhibition

1. Micro-mixing injection system

The point is that in the injection molding process, after mixing, the general masterbatch will be mixed, and the current micro-mixing can mix the product quality and reshape the product appearance.

2. Three shot compound processing machine

Customized custom-made machines, what we show is that as long as the customer's process needs any automation, Huarong has the ability to help improve

3. Management Platform

The management environment, as well as the slight difference in the production process, as well as the self-inspection and control environment, 

allows the customer to cooperate with his ERP remotely, and the way of big data management meets the current industry 4.0



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