Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Huarong Group insists on producing a vertical injection molding machine for customers that will add value to your business. "Industrial Alliances to Create Value, Innovative Services to Upgrade Quality" as the core spirit, as one of the few manufacturers with the most complete injection molding machines in Taiwan, Huarong is your most trustworthy inserting molding partner with its experience and professional knowledge.

Huarong's vertical injection molding machines have diversified solutions to meet customers' vertical injection molding needs. In vertical clamping machines, provide hydraulic and servo machines with a clamping force of 15 tons to 450 tons and above. The injection unit has a horizontal or vertical type. The clamping unit can equip the sliding or rotary table with tie-bar or tie-bar-less.

Vertical Clamping Vertical Injection Machine

Vertical Clamping Horizontal Injection Machine

Vertical Clamping Special Vertical Injection Machine