Injection Molding Machine HS Code: Everything You Need to Know

2024-03-01 15:52:43

Injection molding is a popular manufacturing process for making plastic products. When customers buy our injection machines and peripherals to import or export, businesses must use HS codes for clearance and tariff classification. Customers often ask us for HS codes to ensure smooth international trade operations. This article will explore the world of HS codes, specifically focusing on Injection Machine HS Codes.



What is an HS code?

HS codes, or Harmonized System codes, are a standardized numerical method for classifying products for international trade. They are used by customs authorities worldwide to identify products when assessing duties and taxes. The HS Code consists of six digits, which can be extended to eight or ten digits for more specific classifications.

HS Code 84771000 - Injection molding machine



What is an injection molding machine HS code?

The HS code for various types of injection molding machines, including horizontal and vertical injection machines, is found in Chapter 84 of the Harmonized System, which deals with machinery and mechanical appliances, specifically under Heading 8477, which covers machinery for working rubber or plastics. The complete HS code for injection molding machines is 847710.


Importance of HS codes for injection machines

HS codes are crucial for several reasons. They help customs authorities identify and classify products for import and export duties, taxes, and regulations. They also help businesses accurately describe their products in trade documents, reducing the risk of delays or errors in customs clearance.



How to find the HS code while import/export machines?

Finding the HS code for machines is simple. Start by identifying the type of products you are dealing with, as different machines may have different codes. Below are tips and links for querying customs codes in common countries.


Tips for correctly classifying HS codes for injection machines

To correctly classify HS codes for injection machines, businesses should:

  • Check the customs website: Visit the customs or trade department website of the country you're interested in. They often provide a searchable database or tool to find HS codes.
  • Use online HS code databases: Several online platforms offer HS code search functionalities. You can enter a description of your product, and the tool will suggest relevant HS codes.
  • Consult with a customs broker or agent: If you're unsure about the HS code for your product, you can seek assistance from a customs broker or agent who specializes in international trade.
  • Refer to the Harmonized System Database: The World Customs Organization (WCO) maintains the Harmonized System database, which contains the HS codes for various products. You can use this as a reference to find the correct code.
  • Check with trade associations: Industry-specific trade associations or chambers of commerce may also provide guidance on HS codes for products within their sector.


Links for querying customs codes in common countries

Here are some links for checking customs codes in several countries:



Common products' HS codes related to injection molding machines

As an experienced injection molding machine manufacturer, after our customers purchase injection molding machines, they often buy other products related to the injection molding process. Here, we collate common products and their corresponding HS codes for reference below.

  1. Plastic resins (raw materials), HS code: 3907
  2. Mold bases and components, HS code: 8480
  3. Injection molds, HS code: 848071
  4. Mold temperature controller (MTC), HS code: 903210
  5. Injection molding machine parts, HS code: 847790
  6. Autoloader and Hopper dryer, HS code: 847780
  7. Robot arms, HS code: 842890
  8. Conveyor, HS code: 842833
  9. Auxiliary equipment, HS code: 847780
  10. Mixer, HS code: 847439
  11. Crusher, HS code: 843510
  12. Chiller, HS code: 841869
  13. Compressor, HS code: 841440

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FAQs about injection machine HS code

Regarding HS code, the following summarizes common questions seen on the Internet.

Do I need an HS code for every product I export/import?

Yes, an HS code is required for each product to be declared in customs documentation.

What is the penalty for using the wrong HS code?

Using the wrong HS code can result in customs delays, fines, and possible seizure of goods.

Is there a difference between HS codes and HTS codes?

Yes, HS codes are used internationally, while HTS codes are specific to the United States.



Streamline your injection molding machine import/export with our expertise

If you have inquiries about injection molding machines or need assistance with HS codes for importing and exporting, please feel free to contact us. With our extensive experience in machine manufacturing and international trade, we can provide you with the best solutions and support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to help you succeed in your injection molding projects.


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