Dual Color Hair Clip Machine - How To Make Your Own Dual Color Hair Clips

2022-11-29 15:13:02

The below video will show you how to produce dual-color hair clips 

If you are looking for an easy way to make colorful hair clips, then a co-injection molding machine to be the dual color hair clip machine is perfect for you!

The injection molding production makes dual-color hair clips have high precision and stable quality, and dual-color hair clips are good structural strength to be durable. With the co-injection molding machine, the hair clips can be non-slip or mixed color by the injected plastics replacement.

co-injection molding machine can produce the non-slip or colorful hair clips


Huarong offers a dual-color hair clip turnkey solution and a total solution

Huarong is experienced as an injection molding machine manufacturer. For dual-color and multi-material products, like dual-color hair clip production, Huarong can offer a turnkey solution from a co-injection molding machine (multi-injection molding machine) and an injection mold to automation and smart management system.


About Huarong’s injection molding machine

Machine | Co-injection molding machine - HDC series

Feature |

  1. Dual injection unit Simultaneous injection of two or more different colors/plastics
  2. Patented design for rotary table Triple safety from the mechanism, electric, and hydraulic for rotation accuracy and never fall.
  3. External gearing The rotary table moves more rapidly and accurately.
  4. Option servomotor-drive rotation extra T-type/L-type injection


About Huarong’s automation

Device | Telescopic & double robot arm - HRB series

Feature |

  1. Stable and accurate under high-speed operation
  2. Improve the moving speed
  3. Multi-point inserted available


About Huarong’s intelligent management system

System | Huarong factory management platform - HFM

Feature |

  1. Master whole plant status and assist in quick and accurate decisions making
  2. From passive maintenance to active maintenance, the system will automatically check the comparison value after production, and users can also set the deviation range according to different products
  3. When the machine detects any slight abnormalities in the data, it will actively report via Line/Telegram timely notification to reduce the occurrence of problems


Dual-color hair clip production video

▶️Video highlights 
Machine model | Co-injection molding machine - HDC series
Plastic product | Dual color hair clip, Colorful hair clip, Non-slip hair clip 
Row material | PMMA / TPU 
Mold cavity | 8




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