What is Injection Molding? 3 Keys to Injection Molding Factory

2022-07-21 09:54:27

What is injection molding?

Injection molding is a production process that produces fixed-shaped items by injecting molten material into a mold. According to the material, it can be divided into metal, glass, and common thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic products.

Injection molding is composed of two stages: "injection" and "molding", and plastic production machine using injection molding is called injection molding machine, plastic injection machine, etc.

Since the molding conditions of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics are completely different, the former is heated to be melted into a fluid state, and the latter is heated to be cured. For the convenience of the following explanation, the plastics mentioned in the following content refer to thermoplastics.

 The plastics (usually in granular form) enter the barrel of the injection molding machine through the hopper dryer/autoloader, and the plastics are melted into a fluid state by the heating of the barrel, and then the molten plastics are compressed by the screw in the barrel to move forward and inject into a closed mold in a quick manner.

When the molten plastics are injected into the closed mold, after a certain period of time to cool the plastics, the plastics in the mold will be formed. After the plastics are formed, the mold is opened and the plastic product can be obtained.


Injection molding can produce a wide range of plastic products, from daily necessities, auto parts, medical products, 3C electronic products and so on. An injection molding machine has a wide range of applications that can produce diverse plastic products and high-precision plastic products.


The plastic market keeps growth. How can injection molding factory maintain own benefits? 3 injection molding keys

Injection molding can be simply divided into 6 production process, including raw material ⇒  plasticization ⇒ injection ⇒ pressure holding ⇒ cooling ⇒ finished product acquisition (demolding). Combined with the previously mentioned paragraph of "injection" and "molding" stages, the 6 production processes are

  • Injection stageraw material ⇒ plasticization (plastic melting) ⇒ injection (plastic injecting the mold) ⇒
  • Molding stagepressure holding (make the finished product more compact without changing the shape) ⇒ cooling (make the finished product solidify and shape) ⇒

When the plastics are cooled and formed,  the final process is demolded that the finished product can be obtained, and the molded plastic product will fall off automatically.

These 6 processes will be continuously cycled in injection molding, and the advantage of injection molding is that it can efficiently mass-produce plastic products, which is an important process promoted by the manufacture of civilized living environment products.

3 injection molding keys - Machine, Mold, Management

As the world's demand for plastic products continues to grow, how to stand out and maintain a competitive advantage for injection molding factories has become an important issue. Having good injection molding technology can not only improve production efficiency, but also effectively improve the quality of finished products and reduce unnecessary production waste. Huarong group combines more than 40 years of the manufacturting and assisting customers experience in injection molding, for injection molding technology, it is divided into 3 major keys: “Machine”, “Mold”, and “Management”.

Defining whether an injection molding machine is good or not depends on whether it creates value for customers. Therefore, the injection molding machine must not only be able to produce stably, but also need to be simple in operation, use and maintenance. An injection molding machine needs to be highly versatile and capable of fully automated production with automated machine to improve production efficiency.

Huarong Group, which has been focusing on injection molding technology and machines for many years, has repeatedly emphasized its corporate culture of "industrial alliances to create customers' value" to ensure that customers can continue to produce with peace of mind. In addition, in order to meet all the injection molding needs of customers, Huarong Group is one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan with the most complete injection molding machine models, providing horizontal, vertical injection molding machines, multi-shot and special-purpose injection molding machines.

  • “Mold”:injection mold
    To achieve the finished plastic product in one step without the problem of re-trimming such as burrs and bonding lines that the injection molding process does not have any pause in order to maximize the production efficiency.

Through the design of the cavity shape of the mold, the plastics are injected into the mold and then solidified and formed after cooling. The finished plastic products are in one step and the need for reprocessing is reduced. Therefore, the reasonable design of the overall mold layout is important, including the layout of the runner, the layout of water transportation and cooling, etc. The design of the cavity shape should consider the parting line of the plastic product, the mold angle and the shrinkage of the plastic.

After having good injection molding machines and molds, reasonable control and use of data, such as real-time presentation of the production of the entire factory, can help the managers to accurately grasp the production progress and make quick decisions.

1. From grassroots operators to top manager

The machine can be intelligently checked from passive to active maintenance that the problem is eliminated before it occurs. The production manager can remotely and quickly grasp the progress, connect directly through the cloud to view the whole plant, and do scheduling or help eliminate problems in real time. The top managers can do permissions through permission management, and comprehensively observe and analyze global factory conditions without going abroad.

2. Information transmission and collection

In addition to mastering the production progress, the intelligent platform is managed by Huarong. In addition to customized adjustments based on customer needs, it is also combined with the sales service unit to achieve remote assistance.


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