Introduction of HFM system for injection molding machine to reduce the cost and waste

2022-04-14 16:29:13

Global economic changes, with the unstable situation of the Middle East and the war have caused fluctuations in oil price, plastic materials are affected by international prices. In addition, on the issue of environmental protection, the laws and regulations of various countries are becoming more and more strict, and from the perspective of consumer demand, environmental awareness is on the rise. However, according to the observation, plastic products are still inseparable from our daily life. Looking at the trend of consumption growth in the long run, the general environment will not reduce the amount of plastic used, and the demand for new products and new applications is still increasing.


Huarong's progress has never been limited to the injection molding machine. In addition to meeting the basic injection molding needs, we also continuously plan any possible situations that will be encountered in the future during production process for our customers. One step ahead of customers, for the sake of customers is our mission.


Therefore, we are here to introduce HFM (Huarong Factory Management Platform), the intelligent management platform of Huarong. In the current environment of rising costs, HFM helps customers to effectively improve production efficiency, master production line conditions and improve customers' competitive advantages. The introduction of HFM, in addition to recording the production status, further focuses on the follow-up actuarial production costs and reducing the consumption of plastic materials. Reducing unnecessary increases in gross profit and in the case of relatively limited manpower, more efficient operation is the focus of HFM research and development.

Under the leadership of the chairman's vision, this year Huarong will launch a stand-alone version of the management platform. Use the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the machine to enter the platform page. Due to the impact of the environment, many factories may face the problem of reduced production capacity. In the case of a small number of machines, HFM may not be able to play the maximum benefit, so the stand-alone version was born. Even if you only have one injection molding machine, the stand-alone version can record and collect each production data, export it as a CSV report, and then export it to the ERP system. The digitization process is clear at a glance, saving you the time to manually create data.


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