Intelligent solutions help navigate the new normal

2021-01-12 14:17:17

Taiwan is one of the world's top six plastic machinery exporters .

Taiwanese companies are also adept at delivering custom smart manufacturing solutions in short times.

A Huarong Group representative commented that "This technique allows manufacturers to minimize asset downtime and
maintenance costs, which is why we're making it happen by developing the Huarong Factory Management Platform (HFM)

"It features real-time production status monitoring, remote on-line checking and trouble-shooting, 
and-best of all-a smart self-inspection system that performs predictive
maintenance to avoid production shutdowns.


HFM Huarong Factory Management Platform


▲Instant notification of abnormalities, reducing downtime loss

          ▲Structural temperature rise detection to prevent improper damage

          ▲Self-inspection of production parameters to improve product yield



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