Huarong got certification of Automatic intelligent system

2020-11-03 10:57:55

【Congratulate】Huarong won the three major certifications of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the automatic intelligent system technical service energy registration


Huarong smart Factory Management platform (hereinafter referred to as HFM), 
successfully registered the service energy registration certification of the technical service organization of 
the Industrial Development Bureau

Ministry of Economic Affairs (hereinafter referred to as IDB) in October 2020, 
and obtained the "Automation System Integration Planning Technical Service", 
"Automated Manufacturing Technical Service" and "Automation Product Design Technical Service".



The review by the professional technical service organization of the IDB and the review of Huarong's professional technical ability, executive management ability and financial capacity proves that the strength of HFM in the automation system service is affirmed by the Taiwan country, and at the same time, it gives customers a major 

The Industrial Development Bureau,